Zojirushi Np-Nvc10 Review

People are searching for a cooker that is fast and efficient in cooking a number of dishes with rice. Most of the pressure cookers are manually operated and spoil more food than the cook. But not Zojirushi Np-Nvc10. This brand utilizes the AI technology for cooking and lets you prepare any type of dish with rice that you can imagine. The Zojirushi Np-Nvc10 also utilizes induction heating when cooking. In this Zojirushi Np-Nvc10 review, we shall discuss the advantages Zojirushi Np-Nvc10 offers and get to know two of the technologies it uses.

Zojirushi Np-Nvc10 Review

Zojirushi Np-Nvc10 Pressure cooker

Two of the Newest Technologies: 1. Induction Heating

Induction heating is a process the Zojirushi Np-Nvc10 pressure cooker uses as its base for cooking. In the process, the cooker sits on the heat source which is at the bottom of it. The induction panel then turns the inside part of the cooker into a conductor for heat. The inside of the cooker won’t allow any air to get out. It utilizes a pressure which has been set at the time when cooking began. Thus, the temperature remains high and accurately cooks the rice. The water inside the Pressure cooker has increased boiling point so that it may boil and keep the rice soft.

Technology 2: AI Fuzzy Logic in Cooking

You can say that it is the way of “Adjusting” itself. Yes, the Zojirushi Np-NVC10 adjusts itself based on how you have cooked rice previously. To be more exact, if you have cooked rice with this machine before, it takes all the changes that you made, into account. Then after a few “Cooking Experiences” when you are about to cook the same dish again, it recreates the pattern you followed last time when you cooked. It is called the “Flow” of the cooking. The Zojirushi Np-Nvc10 does all the necessary thinking for you. The machine adjusts the heat and the pressure and also the mode of cooking the food automatically.

Few Key Features of the Zojirushi Np-Nvc10

It comes with the “Umami Setting”. This particular setting allows you to cook the rice for extended period. When the rice cooker heats the rice for extended period, the sugar that is generally inside the rice, is soaked up into the water and comes on top. So the rice tends to taste sweeter. There is also Steam Reducing setting. It allows the heat and the pressure to be reduced at 50% less than normal. It can crisp up your rice through scorched mode. The facility of “Keeping Warm” is also there. It also calculates how much heat is necessary to keep your dish warm and dispatches heat accordingly.

You can cook brown rice, Sushi with rice, mixed rice, The Gabba rice or even Porridge with this cooker. It is controlled by a tiny but powerful microprocessor that is the best technology can avail. With this you will get a spatula, a holder for the spatula, two measuring cups (one suited for regular rice cooking and the other rinse-free rice).

The Inside lid can be detached. That makes it easy to clean and the LED control panel is super easy to operate. The cooker beeps each time a task is completed. But it can be set to a silent mode which mutes all beeping sounds.

Zojirushi Np-Nvc10 Pressure Cooker is a state of the art cooker for those who are either new to cooking or who are just beginning to find their feet. It has a user manual for smooth operation. You can virtually monitor each step that you take with this cooker. With various modes into play, cooking rice has never been this easy.


  • This Pressure cooker Lessens steam to half of the Regular Setting.
  • The rice surface may be marginally harder than Regular.
  • The Pressure cooker consequently changes to Regular Keep Warm when cooking finishes.
  • It will keep cooked at the ideal serving temperature for up to 12 hours.
  • Keeps cooked warm to minimize drying.
  • Taking around 5-8 minutes to re-warm


  • It’s a little speculation to purchase this Pressure cooker.
  • Cooking time is any longer than a straightforward rice cooker.
  • There is nothing that a basic arranging wouldn’t settle.

Final Thought

The Zojirushi NP-Nvc10 Induction Heating Pressure Cooker is as of now is the decision for individuals who comprehend what they are searching for. It underpins the programmed choice from three accessible weight settings in agreement to your picked menu. It has a non-stick internal cooking skillet imbued with platinum material, which advances ease in effortlessly engrossing water. This gives an affirmation that your cooked rice will taste great. The greater part of the client who purchased a from Zojirushi discovered it to be a strong choice. So you can do moreover.


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