WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker Review

If you are looking for the best cooker to cook meals under pressure, WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker certainly belongs in the top tier with the best. They all say that Kuhn Rikon is the best in the business. If that’s the first, then WMF, Perfect Plus is definitely the second. It is right up there in terms of durability, user experience, and of course quality. It is like the BMW of pressure cookers.

In my article about WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker Review, I’ll explore different features of this premium cooker and also explain to you why I’m betting my money on this badly. It is worth every penny.

WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker

WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker

Accessories that come with the product

Well, the product is German made and with the cooker, you will have a recipe book and a user manual. Though it must be said that the manuals lack detailed information on certain things. Other parts include a great glass lid which comes with the cooker itself. It weighs around 416 grams. There is also a steamer basket which you will need to buy separately I am afraid.

Features of the Product

The WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker comes with the most modern features for an electric pressure cooker. While the lid needs to be manually locked by the handle locker, it compensates with a range of features.

The valve and the handle are attached by a lock. They can be detached for cleaning though. A toot sound alerts you when the pressure is high. Your hands never really come to contact with the lid when it is hot.

To release the pressure, only a click on the button at the handle is necessary. You can fill up 2/3 of the cooker when you are cooking beans and ½ when doing regular pressure cooking.

Safety Mechanisms for the Product

For your own safety, the makers ensured that the pressure cooker can’t be opened without first releasing the pressure. For that, when you open the lock of the lid, it releases the pressure automatically. If you are not paying attention, the pressure can reach to a maximum of 16PSI. When it does, the pressure is released automatically with a toot sound. If the primary valve is blocked somehow, the secondary switch like valve is immediately activated. When all the other safety mechanisms fail, a safety gasket vents kicks in which releases pressure and with it some of the food in emergency.

Cooker Performance Report

The WMF Perfect Plus cooker has some sleek functions right at the handle. One such function is the pressure indicator. With it, you can know what is happening inside. If the pressure of the cooker reaches to alarming level, it can be controlled by toning the heat down. You will have a lever to release the extra pressure right at the tip of the handle of the cooker. Press it and pressure is released. You can even automate the feature with a button to adjust how quick or how slow you want the pressure to be released too.

Cleaning the Cooker

Like its peers, WMF Perfect plus is also safe to be used in a dish washer. You’ll find that each part of the cooker can easily be disintegrated, washed in the washer and then put back in place. You can easily dismantle the handle and the valves. Dish washer can be used when cleaning the lid or the base of the cooker whereas you will have to clean the gasket and the safety valve by hand. Even if your meal is sticky or messy, a simple cleaning will do.


  • It’s fantastically simple to utilize.
  • The acceptable weight gage makes it simple to set the privilege weight level as indicated by the formula.
  • It’s peaceful and simple to discharge weight in the wake of cooking is carried out.
  • It’s solid and well-made.
  • The gasket is brought about a noticeable improvement material than other aggressive items.
  • The mirror completion is extremely beautiful and emerges from different apparatuses in the kitchen.
  • Brilliant outline meets usefulness.
  • Clients cherished it so much and they since purchased more sizes and new cookers as endowments to others.
  • It obliges lower high temperature to keep the working weight.
  • It’s not difficult to dismantle and amass for cleaning.
  • It’s one of the best ventures asserted by numerous upbeat clients.


  • Client administration at WMF is not the most responsive for a premium brand.
  • It’s lavish.
  • There is no repetitive valve in the outline.
  • Shorter guarantee period versus the business standard (3 year versus 10 year).

Final Thought

On the off chance that there is such a mind-bending concept as configuration virtuoso, this WMF Perfect Plus 6.5-Quart Pressure Cooker would be the tyke from it. This cooker is outlined with sturdiness, quality, productivity, usefulness and tasteful bid all in one. So you can definitely decide to buy it.


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