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Instant Pot Ip-Lux60 Review

If you are a foodie like me, you will love this article. In this piece of mine, I’ll introduce you to the most compact cooking solution that I got my hands on recently. This is the review of Instant Pot Ip-Lux60. It is a multi-purpose cooker designed to cook a number of dishes. In this […]

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Fagor 8 qt Pressure Cooker Review

If you are looking for an electric pressure cooker with convenient price and ease of use, you have come to the right place. This Fagor 8 qt pressure cooker review article will familiarize you with Fagor 8 qt pressure cooker that will meet your purposes nicely. Not only the Fagor 8 qt Pressure Cooker has […]

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Instant Pot Ip-Duo60 Review

Everyone plans for a perfect home. In a perfect home, kitchen is a big worry for most of us. We dedicate our time into planning the kitchen counter and the chimneys to cook. But with new technology, means to cook have changed as well. People now use electric pressure cookers to cook myriad of meals […]

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