Presto 01370 Review – One of the Top Tier Pressure Cookers

When it comes to pressure cookers, presto is easily among the best brands pressure cooker in the market. With wide range of features and easy operations, it has a satisfied consumer base. As compared to the features, the price is even less than a modest one.

It will cost you a little dollars and at the same time, will give you many tasty dishes and multiple functional capability.

The pressure cooker has the capacity of 8-Quart which is no doubt very much impressive. Let us look into detailed features and high point in the following Presto 01370 Review.

Presto 01370 review

Presto 01370 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

The Construction Working to Your Benefit

The pressure cooker from Presto uses a stainless-steel construction. This construction pattern is called “Tri-Clad Construction”. The fact that this cooker uses aluminum at its base means that you will have even heat distribution to work with.

The fact that this cooker uses aluminum at its base means that you will have even heat distribution to work with. It’s one of the best stainless steel cookers. You won’t have to worry about your food burning or even harmful or toxic elements getting into it as there is no unnecessary non-stick coating. The design of the cooker makes cooking enjoyable for everybody.

The Pressure Regulator

You can set custom pressure parameters to help cook your meal. You can set the pressure to extreme rear to some foods, and then can forget everything. Still the food comes out tasty.

Even if the pressure and temperature can be high, the aluminum sandwiched between steel plates ensure the sides of food don’t burn even if one side gets overheated. The user can monitor the heat flow. You will also have “Auto Cool” function which cools the food automatically when it is done.

The Safety Issue of the Pressure Cooker

The user can relax while cooking with this pressure cooker. Over pressure plug locks itself when the pressure gets out of hand. The cover lock indicator won’t let you open the pressure cooker until the pressure returns to normal. So, it ensures the safety of the entire family. While cooking with this pressure cooker, you need not worry about the flavors getting mixed with one another. You will get all the features at a less than modest price. So, it is a great deal if you can crack it that is.


  • Multifunctional cooking
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Ideal heat and cooking mechanism
  • Excellent pressure optimization
  • High quality pressure locking
  • Affordable pricing
  • High volume of user satisfaction reports


  • Being a canner it should have enough canning accessories.
  • The Sealing Ring quality has been questioned

Final Thought

With a few quirks, the cooker is really a revolution when it comes to pressure cooking. You will have to re think about how pressure cooking is done. Some people will tell you that this is a first gen. pressure cooker but although the pressure cooker follows the same principle, it really is not. It will be a good deal to crack for people.


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