Instant Pot Ip-Duo60 Review

Everyone plans for a perfect home. In a perfect home, kitchen is a big worry for most of us. We dedicate our time into planning the kitchen counter and the chimneys to cook. But with new technology, means to cook have changed as well. People now use electric pressure cookers to cook myriad of meals every day and that too in quick-time. 

Instant Pot Ip-Duo60 is your best bet if you want to have a quality cooker at your disposal. It can cook as many as seven types of recipes with different levels of functions. In this Instant Pot Ip-Duo60 Review, we are going to talk about different features, product details and any other issue that the product has.

Key Features in this Product

This is a cooker with a big pot. You can say it is 7-in-1 cooker with a number of functions. It can be a yogurt maker, a rice cooker, steamer or warmer. The machine can also serve as slow or even pressure cooker. It has as many as 10 safety mechanisms that are certified by UL and ULC. It has dynamic and easy programs to help you cook. You can handle Chinese recipes, English; French ones as well as Spanish. The product comes with a steam rack made of steel.

Instant Pot Ip-Duo60 Pressure Cooker

Different Functions of the Product

Different Functions of the Product

This cooker is programmable. What it does is, it combines the aspects of a pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer and porridge maker. The easy functions let you handle professional dishes like Sauté, poultry, meat etc. You can keep your food warm within the Instant Pot Ip-Duo60 even if you are not cooking it. For better preparation, you can slow cook dishes. Best thing is, you can even prepare frozen veggies for cooking with 2-3 minutes of heating. Potatoes can be heated and made ready in 15 minutes time.

How Reliable is the Instant Pot Ip-Duo60?

Instant Pot Ip-Duo60 produces constant results and these are easy to verify. The 3rd Gen microprocessor used in making Instant Pot can monitor the pressure and the temperature of the cooking area. The machine considers cooking items (what is used for cooking and what dishes you want to cook) while it is turned on. Don’t worry, the systems utilized when cooking different types of dishes, are tested in controlled environments. So, they optimize the cooking outputs accurately. You can depend on the automatic or the manual mode while cooking.

The Safety Issues

The Safety Issues Instant pot ipdu0-60

The safety measures are hugely important in these types of devices. The makers have tested the issues and equipped the machine with 10 layers of security. First, there is the safety lid, which makes sure the pot stays closed at the time of cooking. If the lid is leaking, then there is a detection system in place as well. Then there is the pressure regulator. It maintains the pressure and keeps it under 15.23 psi. Your food won’t block the vent because of the anti-blockage system in place. There is a temperature monitoring system in place as well just to see that temperature is not exceeding the limit.

Same thing goes for the pressure function as well. When the pressure exceeds the danger limit, it is released from the internal chamber. The machine runs on electricity. So, if something goes wrong and things exceed the critical limits, the power is cut off automatically.


  • 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Cooker
  • Easy to use control panel with 14 built-in Smart Programs
  • Convenient and Dependable
  • check
    UL and ULC certified


  • Restricted to six quarts altogether fluid or liquid limit

Final Thoughts

It is a wonderful device to have. For the foodies, this device is perfect since it performs takes care of so many functions related to cooking. Even if you are a novice, with this machine, you’ll cook like a pro.


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