Cuisinart Cpc-600 Review

Do you want to cook quickly? Do you want to cook perfect dishes without too much of effort? Then Cuisinart Cpc-600 is just the machine for you. It is a multi-purpose pressure cooker which helps to reduce cooking time by as much as 70%. The Cuisinart Company packed this machine with cool features and interesting operating mechanisms. 

In this Cuisinart Cpc-600 review, we are going to have a look at some of the highlights of the product and its wide uses. First, the features make this product a unique one for use.

Cuisinart Cpc-600 pressure cooker

Top Features of the Product

The machine has exterior of brushed stainless steel. The exterior is fingerprint proof. It has a digital thermometer which helps you monitoring the heat. The cooker supports one-touch cooking with interactive buttons. It includes a trivet which can be cleaned. The machine has 1000 watts of power. It has the longest period of warranty (as many as 3 years). 

You will get a complimentary recipe book for practicing new dishes with your new cooker. The timer shows 99 minutes of cooking for countdown. The best thing is its capacity. It has 6 qt of capacity that makes the cooker perfect for the family dinner.

Trivet And Push Button Controls

The added Trivet makes it much safe and stable to put the pressure cooker on the the surface. The unit is so simple to use and your basic intuition is good enough to understand the total procedure to be followed. The navigational mechanism is advanced yet pretty simple alike the most reliable units. The push control button offers an excellent user control over the device and overall mechanism.

Dishwasher Safe and Improved Packaging

Even the kids can help while cooking to make dishes at home as the unit comes with cool-touch handles. You can clean the unit after every use very easily as it has a dishwasher safe setting. The overall packaging is quite advanced and ensures full safeguard from being hit anyway.

How to Cook With Cuisinart without Breaking A Sweat?

For starters, you can turn the cooker on and select the menu from the LED Touch display. Then you have to choose between low or even high pressure. Then just set the timer for cooking. From 1 to 40 minutes, you can press the button once and it will jump a minute. But from 40 to 99 minutes, the button makes 5 minutes of increment. The next step is to press the START/CANCEL button. The red float of the cooker will begin to rise as the pressure mounts.

After reaching the desired pressure level, the LED will stop flashing and will remain lit for the rest of the procedure. It is only then when the pressure cooking will start. The timer will then count down. In some cases though, the cooking won’t begin even after the red float has completely risen. It is because the pressure of the interior must be exactly at the desired point. It can take this cooker several minutes to get the pressure factor right.

Dishes you Can Cook with it

The cooker cooks under “Low” and “High” pressure settings. You can brown your rice with this pressure cooker. It will preserve a small fat in the food. Then there is Sauté. You can keep the temperature up while having the lid open. This will soften up the veggies a bit. Simmer setting will allow you to cook liquids at a low temperature. It is more of a garnishing trick. You’d want to provide the finishing touch to things using this mode. It is particularly useful when you are cooking risotto. There is also a “Keep Warm” feature that lets you keep your food hot for 12 hours after cooking.

The cooker will perform to its full potential if you abide by the cooking instructions given in the book that is provided with it. Don’t worry the warranty issue. It has a 3-year warranty that covers malfunction and damages. Few things are to be kept in mind though. First of all, don’t exceed the maximum filling limit of the cooker. Try and release the pressure as soon as cooking is complete. This will prevent overcooking the food. Don’t tighten up the lid too much when you are just storing it in some place. Follow these steps and you should be just alright.


  • It’s well made & stylish
  • It takes the mystery out of cooking
  • It chops down up to 70% of cooking time
  • Flexible to make for all intents and purpose anything
  • 3-year restricted guarantee rather than 1-year industry standard.


  • Difficult to clean exterior and cover
  • It’s a bit technically complex

Final Thoughts

I appreciated cooking with this machine and having each feast, even those normal to be intense, turn out delectable and delicate. So far we understood, it’s a far better choice than another similar electric cooker Maxi-Matic Elite 13. It has all the security characteristics I’d need in a weight cooker in addition to it performs greatly well. The unique mark evidence completion is undoubtedly a genuine reward.


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